In Development: Proof of Concept

Please note that the tool is currently in its early stages of development and is undergoing a proof of concept phase. While you are welcome to use it in its current state, please be aware that there may be changes or interruptions in functionality over time. Rest assured, we are committed to minimizing disruptions as much as possible.

Stay informed about updates, share your feedback, or seek support by joining the Origami.Vision Discord server and navigating to the #itsgottobe-support channel.

Coming Soon: Enhanced Functionality for Subathons

We're excited to announce that we're also working on expanding functionality for so-called "subathons" in the near future. This will allow streamers to integrate their Twitch accounts and dynamically adjust the end date of the countdown based on donations, bits, and subscriptions received on their channel. Stay tuned for updates!

Countdown timer

A countdown timer designed to display the remaining time until expiration.

This indicates the specific date and time to which the countdown timer will count down.

When the timer reaches its end, this text will be displayed. If left blank, it will default to 'EXPIRED'.

For now, we only provide support for four languages. This setting will be used to determine the translation of the labels for days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Customizing Timer Styles for OBS Studio

When integrating the timer URL into a Browser source in software like OBS Studio, you have the option to customize its appearance using CSS. Below is an example of how you can apply styles:

#timer {
	/* Timer related styles, for instance: */
	color: red;

#timer .label {
	/* Styles for labels inside the timer */
	/* You can hide them with: */
	/* display: none; */

#timer .days .value {
	/* Styles for the value of the days element */
	color: red;

#timer .expired {
	/* Styles for the text displayed when the countdown has ended */
	color: green;

The default viewport size of 800x600 is recommended. The text and timer will automatically adjust to the width of the source, allowing you to resize it as needed. However, it's important to note that using font sizes in styling may produce unexpected results due to this behavior.